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Workstocker Model WS8100

The Model WS8100 Workstocker is a compact part storage and presentation system, which is ideal for use with machine tending automation. When coupled with a robot or pick and place device, the WS8100 Workstocker frees up valuable operator time. Simply load a stack of raw parts onto each of the WS8100ís 8 stations and then press the cycle start push-button. The WS8100 Workstocker will then index and elevate a stack of parts to a fixed position for unload by a robot or other automation equipment. Each time a part is removed from the top of the stack, the stack is raised presenting the next part for pickup. This device may also be used to store finished parts. 


  • 8 Storage Stations
  • 18" usable height per station
  • All electric operation, 120V 1-Phase Standard
  • Laser sensors provided for part positioning
  • Leveling feet and cups included
  • Easy interface to machine tending automation
  • Stacklight provided for fault enunciation


  • Operator opens zero-clearance doors
  • Set up 3-pin tooling for proper part size
  • Load raw parts onto available tooling pins
  • Place unit into manual mode to index remaining tooling
  • Complete setup and load of raw parts
  • Cycle start machine tool, then cycle start machine tending automation
  • Lift elevator raises stack of parts presenting the next part for pick-up
  • Machine tending automation picks the first part and loads machine tool
  • Next cycle robot unloads finished part and loads raw part
  • Cycle repeats

 ACE Model WS8100 PDF Datasheet

ACE Model WS8100 Workstocker PDF Datasheet


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