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Ten Reasons to Attend Automated Cells & Equipment’s 2010 Open House & Technology Expo


10. Explore the possibilities of automation through our full demo cells

The open house will feature cells from both FANUC Robotics Inc. and Automated Cells & Equipment, Inc.  With a wide variety of real-life applications, these demos will not only show off the robot, but also make it easier for you to visualize them working with your products.

9. Visit Painted Post and its beautiful surroundings

Painted Post is conveniently located in the beautiful Southern Tier of Upstate New York.  Furthermore, if you’re looking for something fun to do, the renowned Corning Glass Museum and Rockwell Museum of Western Art are both just ten minutes down the road.  Corning is also a part of the historic Finger Lakes Wine Country, and is not far from several wine trails.

8. Hear why the food industry is rapidly automating

The food industry is currently turning to automation faster than any other industry. Hear and industry expert discuss why this is, and what applications ACE can use for your plant-specific needs.

7. Learn how our Customer Support will keep your robots fit for life

FANUC Robotics District Manager Dave Turner will give this seminar regarding preventative maintenance, downtime avoidance techniques, FANUC robots’ lifecycles, and how to maximize your return on investment.

6. Talk with the ACE training instructors who can provide full in-house training for your employees

ACE offers one, two, three, and five day training courses to help your employees get the most out of your robots.  Additionally, if one of our dates doesn’t match up with yours, we are also willing to custom-schedule dates for you as well.  As you watch the demos during the show, find an ACE employee to discuss the details of our training sessions.

5. See ACE’s recently expanded building

In 2007 Automated Cells held the grand opening of our newly expanded headquarters building.  Three years later, it remains in prime condition and offers top of the line assembly space and offices. While here for the open house, see an ACE employee for your personal tour to see where your solutions are created every day!

4. Hear from industry experts from both FANUC Robotics and ACE

ACE and FANUC experts will be presenting a total of 16 seminars over the two-day period.  Hear them discuss about everything from customer support to automation in powder metal to machine tool trends. 

3. See the 24/7 customer service that has helped ACE flourish for 14 years in business

Our 24/7 service is what truly sets us apart from our competitors.  If you need assistance our robot technicians can help you over the phone immediately, and even travel to your location to provide on-site support and service if necessary.  It is our commitment to the customer that allows us to stay on top as one of FANUC’s top integrators year after year.

2. Everyone is happier around good food

The open house will have lunch and dinner served by Corning Catering both days.  And really, who can say no to delicious food?

1. Discuss your automation needs with an ACE rep to see how we can help you optimize your factory

Our entire Automated Cells staff will be helping run demos, presenting seminars, or in the audience ready to answer any questions you may have.  Find someone with an ACE shirt on and take the first step towards launching your company to success.
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