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MiJet Clean Parts Clean Air

The MiJet stand alone unit is powered by air and is placed near CNC machines or inspection stations and is used to clean coolant/cutting fluid residue and chips from machined parts. The residue is collected with a vacuum and drawn into a container for proper recycling or disposal. A special patent-pending valve allows the operator to pull the trigger on an air jet blow-off nozzle for concentrated/localized cleaning of parts, while at the same time an air-powered fan creates vacuum suction pulling the coolant into the storage container below.

The Advantages of the MiJet Product are:

  • One-Touch Operation
  • Portable - Enables quick and easy installation
  • Small footprint - Minimizes valuable floor space
  • Air Powered - No electrical connections required
  • Clean filtered air exits the MiJet - Promotes the collection of unhealthy coolant mist
  • Collects coolant during part cleaning process - Minimizes slip hazards due to coolant on floor


MiJet PDF Trifold Brochure

 MiJet PDF Trifold Brochure

 MiJet PDF User Guide

MiJet PDF User Manual

 MiJet 2015 Catalog

MiJet PDF User Manual






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