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 ACE Fan Housing Robotic Deburring Deflashing Cell

Robotic Deburring Machine

This cell was developed to deflash and deburr the interior blade features of diecast aluminum fan housings. Pneumatic shuttles were used to move raw parts in and completed parts out. Various sanding belts and rotary deburring tools were used to accomplish the deburring/deflashing tasks.

ACE Custom Shaft Deburring Machine

Shaft Deburring Machine

This machine was created to deburr automotive shafts after a gun drilling and cross drilling machining process.

ACE Custom Robotic Polishing Cell

Robotic Polishing Cell

This cell was developed to polish consumer stainless steel products and produce consistent cosmetic finish patterns on the stainless steel materials. Products enter the cell on pneumatis shuttles and are sized and identified automatically prior to polishing.

ACE Custom Dial Drill Machine

Custom Drill Machine

This machine was created to drill soft/green powder metal parts automatically prior to sintering. An indexing dial is used with multiple drilling and deburring stations.

ACE Model IL Deburr Machine

Deburring Machine Model IL

This Model IL uses a dial type index table to bring soft/green powder metal parts through a top and bottom part deburring process.

ACE Custom Deburring Machine

Deburring Machine Model IL

This custom deburring machine uses a rotary pick and place to moves parts through the deburring process. Various brushes are used to remove flash from the top and bottom of soft/green powder metal parts.

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