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 ACE Robotic Tray Packing Cell

Robotic Tray Packing Cell

The custom tray packing cell shown unloaded automotive components from formed trays, loaded an inkjet conveyor and repacked the trays with marked parts.

ACE Forge Press Tending

End of Arm Tooling Forge Press Robot

The robot end of arm tooling shown was used in a forge press tending application for high weight, high temperature aerospace components. All stainless construction and liquid cooling are the features of this tooling.

ACE Three Robot Machine Tending Cell

Robotic Heat Treat Automation

This muli-robot cell shown was part of a machine tending system. The tabletop robots would each pre-build stacks of automotive parts to be loaded into an induction heat treat machine. The large robot handled the load/unload of the induction heat treat machine.

ACE Servo Press Tending Cell

Robotic Press Automation

This cell was used for the assembly of a die cast aluminum housing and a steel bushing. The robot assembled the two components on tooling within the servo press and handled all material movement within the cell.

ACE Servo Press Tending Cell

Robotic Press Automation

In addition to tending the servo press, the robot also placed a die cast aluminum housing onto a drill station.

ACE Forge Press Tending Cell

Robotic Forge Press Automation

An overhead robot was used in the unloading of a high temperature furnace and placement of components under multiple press stations. The robot used an all stainless steel tool with liquid cooling and a heat suit on the lower portion of the robot arm to handle the environment.

ACE Robotic Machine Tending Cell

Machine Tending Cell

This machine tending cell handled large copper parts conveyed in wire baskets. Baskets were staged, unloaded and reloaded based on the machining cycle. 

ACE Robotic Machine Tending Cell

Robotic Machine Tending Cell

This cell involved using FANUC iRVision to unload/reload various automotive shaft components from bins and to route to different machining operations.

ACE Robotic Vision Guided Bin Unload

Robot Vision Guided Bin Picking

This cell used FANUC iRVision to accurately unload automotive shaft components from steel bins and place them into fixtures located on indexing conveyors.

ACE Robotic Machine Tending with Tray Stacker

Robotic Grinding Cell Automation

The cell shown is used to load automotive components into and out of a grinder. Finished parts are placed into molded trays that are automatically indexed and stacked for removal by an operator.

ACE Robotic Grinder Tending Cell

Centerless Grinder Cell Automation

The small modular robot cell shown uses two conveyors to bring parts into and out of a centerless grinder operation. Multi part numbers in small to medium batches are run on this cell. Parametric programming allows the quick addition of new part numbers and ease of changeover.

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