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 ACE Custom Workstocker

Custom Work Stocker

The custom workstocker shown provided the customer additional unattended time for their robot cell. The workstocker was able to be replenished during normal cell operation to maintain the machine tool in constant operation. 

ACE Custom Material Handling System

Material Handling System

Automated Cells & Equipment used the pallet conveyor system shown to transport and accumulate automotive components into and out of various machining operations. Machines were automatically loaded and unloaded through the use of FANUC robots.

ACE Model BC5200 Belt Conveyors

Low Profile Belt Conveyors Model BC5200

The multiple Model BC5200 belt conveyors shown formed a transport system to move green powder metal parts from mold presses to a sinter furnace. The sinter furnace was loaded automatically by a Model GL Gantry Loader.


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