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Inspection Capabilities

Automated Cells and Equipment offers inspection capabilities ranging from gross part inspection, utilizing built-in FANUC iRVision, to gauging to resonance testing.  Inspection may encompass examining parts for missing or defective features.  Other vision tools are available as required.  Our resonance testing is done through our value-added partnerships.  Please  contact us to review your vision needs with an Automated Cells expert or  request quote here.

The video shown below demonstrates the inspection of medical devices with the ACE RoboCart. This low-cost flexible robotic automation platform can be used for a multitude of applications including: machine tending, part assembly and of course, part inspection. Available inspection devices include: vision, gaging and laser scanners. Contact Automated Cells for more information.

The video shown below demonstrates the use of FANUC iRvision for checking the height of a window opening on an automotive type carrier. Two parts are utilized in this demonstration, a six window carrier and a four window carrier. iRVision is used to determine both the part type and its radial orientation as it arrives within the pick area of the robot. A second camera is used to measure the actual size of each window and compare it to the allowable part tolerance. Parts that fail to meet this tolerance are rejected. Contact Automated Cells for more information.

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