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Furnace Loader Model FL3600

Automated Cells Automated Cells & Equipment is proud to announce our latest product for the Powder Metal Industry, the Model FL3600 Furnace Loader.

This cost-effective loader provides an automated method for loading pre-assembled parts and sinter plates or trays, onto a furnace belt. The pre-assembled parts and plates are introduced onto the FL3600 infeed conveyor via a customer provided conveyor. The included servo-electric infeed conveyor indexes one position for every part/plate assembly introduced. This process repeats until a full row of parts and plates is created. Next, a servo-electric pusher positively transfers the entire row onto the sinter belt. The FL3600 repeats this process, loading row after row of assembled parts/plates onto the sinter belt. Rates up to 12 parts per minute are possible.
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  • Small foot print, extends out approximately 30" from the sinter furnace and over the furnace belt by approximately 24". Only 60" wide.
  • Double sided pusher face with saw-tooth design.
  • Built-in stagger pattern, shifts every other row by 1/2 plate diameter.
  • V-style wheels with sealed bearings used on horizontal axis.
  • Simple untilities, 120VAC and 85psi air are all that are required for operation.


  • Able to fit into small areas without consuming a lot of floor space.
  • Simple change out for different puck sizes, maintains precise pattern on furnace belt.
  • Staggered pattern on sinter belt provides greater furance density.
  • Low maintenance/long-life in aggressive environments.
  • Easy hook-up with readily available utilities.


  • Handle rectangular plates.
  • Direct load - based on part geometry
  • Electrical supply - 230Volt/1 Phase/60 Cycle

ACE Model FL3600 PDF Datasheet

ACE Model FL3600 PDF Datasheet


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