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Custom Automation Solutions

 ACE Custom Workstocker

Oversize Workstocker

This oversize workstocker provided extra part buffering leading to additional unattended time for the cell operators.

 ACE Custom Hot Forge Tooling

Robot End of Arm Tooling

This custom gripper handled high temperature aerospace parts up to 350lbs in weight.

 ACE Custom Material Handling

Pallet Conveyor System

This large system provided material movement in and out of various robotically loaded machining centers.

 ACE Custom Robot Vision Inspection Cell

Robotic Vision Inspection Cell

This custom cell provided robotic handling and vision inspection of various glass components.

 ACE Custom Parts Feed System

Parts Feeding System

This custom automotive parts feeder provided a large part buffer in addition to singulation of parts feeding a deburring process.

 ACE Custom Shaft Deburring Machine

Shaft Deburring Machine

This custom deburring machine provided automated deburring of automotive shafts after a machining operation.

 Custom Robot Tray Packing Cell

Robotic Bin Loading

This cell provided automatic loading and unloading of automotive components for a part marking and verification cell.

 ACE Custom Dial Drill Machine

Drill Machine

This machine provided the automated drilling and deburring of various automotive components.

 ACE Robotic Laser Marking Cell

Robotic Laser Marking Cell

This robotic cell provided automatic Laser marking of various cutting tools.

 ACE Servo Press Tending Cell

Press Tending Robot

This robot cell provided for the automatic and precise insertion of steel bushings into die cast aluminum housings for a popular consumer product.

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 Association for Manufacturing Technology

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