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Coining Press Loader Model 220

The Model 220 CoiningPress Loader provides a versatile, flexible robotic solution for loading and unloading parts from a sizing press. The standard model is configured for dial loaded presses. High throughput is achieved by loading an uncoined part while a coined part is unloading, so no motion is wasted. 


  • Welded structural steel frame, compact for minimal floor space usage. Casters for manual portability along with fork truck pockets for ease in moving from press to press.
  • Includes heavy duty toggle lock clamps with horizontal and vertical “round in vee” nest design for repeatable docking to press.
  • Extruded aluminum guarding with polycarbonate panels with interlocking operator access door. Interlock circuitry provided to ensure docking to press.
  • Vibratory parts storage and feeding table with quick change tooling available to allow for handling of various products.
  • Compact belt conveyor with escapement and end nest provides positive position for robotic pickup.
  • Cognex vision system provides part orientation information to the robot for repeatable loading of sizing press dial nest.
  • Dual gripper robot tooling allows for simultaneous load/unload of the press loading dial.  


  • ACE workstocker or direct conveyor feed for incoming parts
  • Loading of non-dial type sizing press
  • Larger parts handling with bigger robot
  • Sized part takeaway conveyor

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